Walnut wood planks, cut, sanded and ready to be carved into wooden jewelry.

As far as I can remember I was intrigued by the skills and handwork of master craftsmen. I have always enjoyed watching them work, especially Japanese masters from various fields, whose attitude toward their work is exceptionally remarkable and profound. Their focus and concentration are almost hypnotic as well as their attention to detail, body posture, tool grip and tool care. They are a great example of developing and evolving physical as well as mental skills.

I love wood carving and woodworking because its creative aspect and specific problem solving that comes along with it. This is especially apparent in custom orders, which are always unique and personalized. It's also a fun way of challenging myself and improving and learning new skills.

When I’m not carving wooden jewelry or designing a new artwork, you can find me growing bonsai, enjoying a cold swim or climbing a tree somewhere in the wilderness.

My first wood carvings, carved with a simple set of carving knives.


Even since when I was little I showed an interest for tools, especially hand tools. I often spent some of my free time in the woodshed. More than in football and trucks I was interested in hammers, saws, files, chisels, other "strange" tools and pieces of wood that I found in the stack of timber. I never minded too much about scratches and bruised fingers.

My carving journey started slowly. At the end of high school I assembled a simple hand carving knife set and experimented here and there on a walking stick. One of my first carvings was a spider relief on a short elderberry stick and a coiled snake figurine made from ash wood. Soon after that I found myself looking for new and greater wood carving challenges. This hobby later evolved into Cerris Design Studio.

Wood carving tools that I mainly use for creating very fine details.


I specialize mainly in fine, intricate carving and creating tiny details. Through these methods complexity of a wooden artwork can be achieved even at relatively small dimensions. I use a combination of different traditional and modern wood carving and woodworking techniques.

I believe that the value of an art piece is mainly determined by the quality of work and the amount of time invested in making it.

Each wood carving teaches me a new skill or improves on an already learned technique.

My main sources of inspiration are nature, ancient cultures and geometry.

The Tree of Life Series, hand carved wood pendants.


My goal is to provide you with high quality wooden jewelry, artworks and accessories.

By creating unique wooden artworks I would like to establish a bridge between the modern & the traditional in terms of design, crafting methods and materials.

I also wish preserve the culture of hand work & traditional wood carving techniques.

I hope that each of my carvings will bring you as much enjoyment as it did me during its creation.



Fine Hand Carved Wooden Jewelry, Artworks and Accessories

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